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Tag: Bokutachi no Remake

Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 12 Review

Man, another episode that feels extremely unsatisfying. I would also like to mention that the anime title “Remake our Life!” is very much like Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. (The Detective […]

Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 7 Review

Episode seven was fairly annoying to watch, since you’re having to deal with the pushover in Kyouya not wanting to hurt Nanako or Shinoaki’s feelings. I hate the pushover personality […]

Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 6 Review

It’s pretty depressing to know that we’ve reached the halfway mark of Bokutachi no Remake. Oh well, nothing we can do about that. Anyway, this Keiko Tomioka character we keep […]

Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 5 Review

Ah yes. Another school festival scene. I feel like I’ve seen at least 10 different variations over the past few months, and to be completely honest, I’m starting to grow […]

Bokutachi no Remake | Episode 4 Review

I like but also dislike Kawasegawa’s unflinchingly blunt but earnest personality. I like it because sometimes you need that person who isn’t afraid to tell it as it is. They […]