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Tag: Demons

Higehiro | Episode 13 Review

Episode Thirteen Thoughts As much as I do not want to say it, I loved episode thirteen because it felt like a proper ending episode. I strongly believe that the […]

Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san | Anime Review

Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san has had it’s many ups and downs, I am sure that is something we can all agree upon. Many people found this anime somewhat entertaining, while the other […]

Higehiro | Episode 12 Review

Episode Twelve Thoughts Man, her mother hecking sucks. I really dislike her a lot. Like I said in my previous blog, Sayu’s mother gets the “Worst Parent of the Year […]

86 – Eighty Six | Anime Review

I remember going into this anime, I mentioned how I was going into it with extremely low expectations in large part because the whole Military, Mecha genre wasn’t something that […]

86 – Eighty Six | Episode 11 Review

Episode Eleven Thoughts What’s weird is that I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional watching this episode. Seeing these characters experience things they never got to experience or re-experiencing […]

Higehiro | Episode 11 Review

Episode eleven Thoughts So I am just going to talk about the ending of the episode first then work my way back to the beginning because I am quite literally […]