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Tag: episode 13

Sakugan | Episode One Review

Yo the first episode to Sakugan was legit. Far in the future, the human beings were pushed into the deep underground world called Labyrinth and they are living shoulder-to-shoulder. The […]

Takt Op. Destiny | Episode One Review

Oh my god. Now this is an anime that I’m extremely looking forward to watching. The first episode was stunning which is to be expected when the studios are Madhouse, and […]

86 2nd Season | Episode 1 Review

Wow, I always knew that Shin and company were still alive, I read it (sadly), but before I did take a gander at the wiki, I always knew deep down […]

Summer 2021 – Closing Thoughts

Right so I’m going to be doing something I’ve never done before and that’s give my final thoughts on a season. Today’s closing thoughts will be on the Summer 2021 […]