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86 – Eighty Six | Anime Review

I remember going into this anime, I mentioned how I was going into it with extremely low expectations in large part because the whole Military, Mecha genre wasn’t something that […]

86 – Eighty Six | Episode 11 Review

Episode Eleven Thoughts What’s weird is that I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional watching this episode. Seeing these characters experience things they never got to experience or re-experiencing […]

Higehiro | Episode 11 Review

Episode eleven Thoughts So I am just going to talk about the ending of the episode first then work my way back to the beginning because I am quite literally […]

86 – Eighty Six | Episode 10 Review

Episode Ten Thoughts There was just something so peaceful about the opening few minutes of episode ten. Maybe it’s because the surviving members of the Spearhead were back in the […]

Higehiro | Episode 10 Review

Episode Ten Thoughts First thing I thought was “Damn, Sayu’s family sucks”, her father had affairs and left long before Sayu was born, and her mother only had Sayu because […]

86 – Eighty Six | Episode 9 Review

Episode Nine THoughts Episode Nine is by far, the best episode of the series. Oh my goodness, this episode was just perfect. Everything about it was wonderful, it’s climax, the […]