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Tag: Military

Tonikaku Kawaii | Episode 4

It is time to insert a new character to Tonikaku Kawaii, Chitose Kaginoji. Someone who is already showing an extremely, uncomfortable clingy side to her. If you remember, at the […]

Asobi Asobase | Workshop Of Fun

We are introduced to the main cast’s trio – Hanako Honda, Olivia, and Kasumi Nomura. They make up the heart and soul of this show as every episode deals with […]

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! | Episode 6

Episode 6 goal was to favour the “fan service”, something I think is apart of everyday anime for the most part, which is unfortunate. It was bound to happen anyway, […]

Majo no Tabitabi | Episode 2

In this episode, we met a supporting character on Elaina’s journey; her name is Saya. A persona Elaina meets on her first stop on her long adventure. No better way to […]

Tonikaku Kawaii | Episode 3

I cannot say this enough, I absolutely love Tonikaku Kawaii’s OP, I think it’s really nice to listen to. Anyway, let’s talk about episode 3. As Nasa says during the […]