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Tag: Opinion

Wonder Egg Priority | Anime Review

When you’re presented with the following; Following the suicide of her best and only friend, Koito Nagase, Ai Ooto is left grappling with her new reality. With nothing left to […]

Horimiya | Episode 12 and 13 Review

Episode Twelve and Thirteen Thoughts What I love about the Hori Family, is how much they love Izumi. They literally love him more than Izumi’s actual family and I find […]

Non Non Biyori Nonstop | Episode 12 Review

Episode Twelve Thoughts A little bit of bittersweet for me because one of my favourite series has approached it’s end. Interestingly enough however, I did not find this episode to […]

Horimiya | Episode 10 and 11 Review

Episode Ten Thoughts Before watching episode ten, I was browsing Twitter a couple weeks back. I think the week the episode actually aired and I saw the cancel movement trying […]