Tsurekano | Episode Five: The best episode by far.

Weirdly enough, I thought episode five of Tsurekano was the best episode of the anime. I mean it isn’t really weird, it’s more like a pleasant surprise. I always thought that Tsurekano was going to be one of those anime that favoured more of the ‘ex-lovers’ vibes. However, episode five was the opposite of such thought.

Like many others, my favourite part of the anime was when Yume was in Minami’s house and Mizuto was in Kawanami’s house. I loved that part because all it did was remind me of the time when I used to live next door to one of my friends and we’d just bounce to and from each others houses, doing everything kids would do. From tell at each other through the walls or knocking on them.

I thought this episode favoured Kawanami a lot because he’s a very flamboyant individual and isn’t afraid to say inappropriate things. I especially enjoyed how he embarrassed Yume from his house and the subsequent reaction from Yume that followed. The same can be said about Mizuto returning the favour, embarrassing Minami by reading an old diary entry from Kawanami where he confesses his affection towards her.

The best part of episode five was that the episode was just very fun. Episodes where all the characters of the anime are all out together enjoying each other’s company is always an episode that is bound to do well.

It may also be just me but I think that as episode comes and goes, it feels as though each one is getting better and better. Like originally, when I started watching, I did think that the concept itself was questionable and a little cringe. Come on, like, a former middle school couple are now step siblings. If that doesn’t raise a couple of red flags then I don’t know what will. For me, the flags are still up but there aren’t as many as there used to be.

Maybe it’s because I rate episode five pretty high. Like I said, episodes where our characters are just having a good ol’ time with one another is always a nice episode in my books.

I especially liked how the episode ended, you would think it would’ve ended in some little squabble between Yume and Mizuto but the interaction between one another while they stood on the balcony staring up at the night sky was sweet. It’s not everyday that you see the two of them talking to each other in a calm manner, nor is it everyday where they recall a pleasant memory that the two of them shared a long time ago.

Do they still like each other? Yeah. But they’re step-siblings now and more importantly they want their parents to be happy. So they just have to live with being siblings. Overall, I’d say it was a good episode.

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  1. “school couple are now step siblings”

    There’s a trope I can live without. I suppose it could be done well but all too often lazy writers can’t be bothered.

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