Kekkai Sensen | Another must watch!

To start off, the show follows more of an episodic nature. While events in the series along with its characters does form connections, each episode in itself has a tale to tell. Essentially, the first episode establishes the foundation of the series where we meet the majority of the main cast and experience what Hellsalem’s Lot is about. I think there should be an emphasis put on the ‘hell’ part as the first episode is hellish all around with lots happening with overwhelming amount of bizarreness. Perhaps one of the normal people we meet at first would be Leonardo Watch. Seeming portrayed as a normal young man, he has a rare power known as the “All Seeing Eyes”.

These eyes grants him special abilities although at a cost of his sister’s eyesight. As the main male protagonist of the series though, he also become involved with Libra, a group that deals with the many supernatural occurrences in Hellsalem’s Lot. In a way, they aren’t just a police unit but more of an elite group of powerful people with their own unique abilities. For instance, there’s Klaus V Reinhertz, the leader of the group with his ability to fight with a large shaped cross as his weapon of choice. Zapp Renfro, a hotblooded member of the group is known to utilize his blood fighting style. Then, there’s Chain Sumeragi with her ability of invisibility, Steven A. Starphase with the ability to freeze others through ferocious kicks, K.K and her elite skills to handle firearms, among others. The point is that this group of characters all stand both individually and collectively.

There’s this sensation that the show constantly brings with his adventures as we learn more about Hellsalem’s Lot. Similarly, other characters participates in unique events such as Klaus’ challenge in the highly dangerous Prosfair, a game that can drive a normal human mad or even an underground boxing match against unholy monsters. While all this is happening though, there are bits of foreshadowing with certain characters that tells of something going behind the scenes. Nonetheless, Kekkai Sensen’s performance with each episode shows how clever it can be with its gimmicks and style that feels similar to Baccano, atmospheric like Cowboy Bebop, and unique on its own.

Leonardo’s mysterious All Seeing Eyes is also a central element of the show that many find fascinating, fearful, and curiously endearing all at once. There’s even some bits of subtle romance in the story as well. Do take note that this adaptation adds an anime original character named White so her role in the series adds something fun to think about. In particular, her relationship with Lenoardo seems to be something like an acquaintance/friendship/bonding type of connection.

The series is pretty fast paced and sometimes seems like there’s too much happening at once or where you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Even with a breather episode here or there, the story can be hard to understand at times. Just note that certain events and characters do have connections that formulates the overlay of the story. Also, this series may or may not fit with everyone’s style. The urban setting and characters sometimes can feel too gimmicky for its own good and certain likable side characters can be easily dismissed. There may also at times where the comedy feels like it’s recycled a bit more than it should be.

The OST not only has a jazz and blue like-tune but also brings in a feel where you really can picture yourself there. The atmospheric insert songs often delivers its dynamics where it naturally sucks you in. Even the OP and ED theme songs are highly stylistic too. The OP song “Hello World” by Bump of Chicken is a testament to the characteristics of the show. Meanwhile, we also have a very catchy ED theme that dances with the tunes.