Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha | Episode 9

Episode 9

Talk about spicy! I probably should have saw it coming, there is a Demon King Academy and there is also a Hero Academy. There were a few points throughout the episode that I thought were extremely interesting. The first one happening at the beginning of the anime. We’re shown a flashback from 2000 years ago, when Anos and Kanon meet. There we see Anos’ make an offering to Kanon (the ‘hero’) that if he wanted peace, to meet him at his castle. This was after Anos killed Jerga because the dude tried killing him for all the hardship Anos had caused for Jerga. Shortly after however, this is what I find interesting, we cut to scene where it’s something speaking in a rather demonic voice believe it or not. As the voice is speaking, you see air bubbles rising before disappearing out of sight. It gives the impression that whoever was talking, was doing so from inside a tank filled with some liquid — something to keep the individual inside alive?

Something else I found interesting while watching the episode was when Anos’ class traveled to the Human realm because of ‘inter-academy classes’ between both academies for whatever reason. No one knows exactly why, and we were not told the reason, all we knew was that it was going to happen. As they (Sasha and Anos) explored the academy, they meet the ‘reincarnations’ of Hero Kanon, because apparently the Hero has 7 sources, 4 of them are currently in the Hero Academy. Now if you’re vigilant then you would have noticed that the word ‘reincarnations’ was written with apostrophes surrounding the word that is because, Anos believes if they really hard Hero Kanon’s memories then his reincarnations would utter the real Demon King’s name; which they don’t shocker. Looks like there is more to see, something I am personally excited for.

Finally, the last thing I found interesting about the episode was, in fact, the ending because there outside the academy Eleanor Bianca (a character showing Sasha and Anos around the school), tells Anos that the Kanon he knew is no longer who he used to be, this was in large part because something happened 2000 years ago.

We find out that Konan was murdered by a human. Which by-and-large is something you do not expect. The Hero championed for killing the Demon King and for ending the war. An individual who championed humanity and believed it in through and through, only to be killed by another human. Talk about ultimate betrayal. This is starting to get quite interesting and I like that.



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