Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen | Episode 5

Not going to lie to you, the pacing of the anime is really starting to bother me. As of the time of me writing this, there have been a total of six episodes that have aired, this means that we’re essentially half way through the anime — that alone bothers me. I think what bothers me even more is that episode five, gives you the briefest, most vague flashback recalling the events of last episode (when Tatsuya gave his update to Mayumi, Erika, Katsuto and Mikihiko) before immediately jumping back to present day.

It again feels much of the finer details have been left out, the flashback also didn’t include any information learned about the parasite; nothing of that sort. Instead we have our character rushing into the fray as it were. Not to mention, as we learn more and more about the parasite and its origins, the information that is thrown at us, the viewers, start to become overwhelming. Like when Shizuku was telling Tatsuya and Miyuki about her findings. I’ll be the first one to admit that I didn’t understand a single thing the two were discussing, once it started talking about dimensions, magic walls and such, it completely went over my head. It certainly was a ton of information thrown at you within a short span and that is something I didn’t like at all.

The only redeeming factor to this episode, (as is always the case for me), the fight scene towards the end. We find out that one of Lina’s, I guess you can say, friends? Mia was one of the individuals participating in those attacks against the civilians of Japan. The ultimate anime betrayal! We also got to witness a few things from this fight scene.

  1. This parasite is completely independent.
    This whatever this parasite is, it can survive with or without a host. This hales true because the parasite had control over Mia and used her to attack Erika and Lina, before it decided to use Mia’s person as a bomb, self-destructing and I assume killing her in the process. Immediately after self-destructing Mia, the parasite began attacking Tatsuya in company as they all tried desperately to fend it off.
  2. Looks like the other characters will come in handy this season.
    It looks like, although Tatsuya is who I consider to be ‘Anime God’ simply because of how overpowered he is in his weakest form (his current self) + all his abilities like revival, self-healing etc. It looks like to solve this mystery, to bring justice and to destroy this parasite, it looks like he’ll need the help of his supporting cast. It looks like despite Tatsuya’s abilities (tapped and untapped), it looks like there is a few things he’ll need assistance with. Tatsuya couldn’t see the parasite but Mizuki, hopefully that’ll mean that Mizuki will play a bigger role on this season.

Overall, the episode was, at most, okay. Like I’ve mentioned before, there are many things about this anime that make me not a fan. The pacing for one is too fast, we’re missing a lot of the finer details, especially when you’re trying to explain a supernatural thing, but you simply gloss over it. Not to mention, apart from the fight scene at the end of the episode, nothing really happens leading up to that fight scene. We’re just given a lot of information, similar to that of last episode.

But yeah, those are my thoughts on this episode.



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  1. That was a decent fight scene. I agree there’s a bit of “Why is this here?” stuff that could have been replaced with material that actually promoted a plot. This particular sis-con/bro-con relationship is doing nothing for me.

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