Majo no Tabitabi | Episode 6

Episode six actually felt extremely short and I am not sure why. I am, however, starting to see a trend with the episodes. One city or country per episode, one dilemma or situation that faces Elaina, with a conclusion at the end. The story that’s shown to us in this episode didn’t feel particularly strong or eventful either, which made the episode feel bland. This to me was a real shame, as I’ve enjoyed every episode up until this point immensely. In short, the story told in episode six is about a King who wanted to create a place where no one could tell a lie because he believes if no lie is said then as a result, peace and happiness will follow. He employs a witch to accomplish said goal, a witch who has an admiration for the King and I love for him as well. She willingly accepts the King’s demand because she adored the King and hoped for something more (I assume).

In keeping with what I’ve mentioned earlier (one dilemma, one conclusion per episode), then you’ve probably would have already guessed that, Elaina finds a conclusion. I assume, those who have already seen this episode and have completed the anime already know the conclusion. The way I interpreted as, it was Elaina scolding the King about why being honest all the time isn’t always good. Some times you’ll need a white lie here and there, while honesty is the best policy, sometimes it’s better to a (white) lie and avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

After scolding the King for a bit, Elaina proceeds to destroy the item that created the “cannot tell a lie” barrier around the city. Which was an abrupt and easy end to the dilemma. Personally, I would have liked it better if the conclusion wasn’t “Hey I’m going to scold you for a few minutes and make you see the truth”. It felt too easy of an outcome, I would have loved to see a more elaborate ending to the situation.

At least we got to see Saya again, which was nice. One thing that is different about her now, is that she has this extremely weird obsession with Elaina. But hey, it was nice because her sporadic personality gave some life to the anime. Something I think Majo no Tabitabi needed because Elaina’s personality at times didn’t give this anime, I guess, colour?. When you’re stuck with the same character whose personality can be very boring at times, it really sucks the life out of you as a viewer. So having Saya there was a nice change.



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