Horimiya | Episode 4 and 5 Review

Episode Four Thoughts

I want to learn more about Miyamura and his past. I think it would be fascinating because his past played a role in the character he is now. I want to know that gloomy past, and I want to experience it. I think it would make way for excellent storytelling, without a doubt.

I was not too fond of episode four because we seemed to be jumping around a lot more often than usual. I think we bounced around from scene-to-scene more often than episode three, and I think that’s saying something. I didn’t have time to appreciate each scene and everything that happened within it. In that respect, I wish we slowed down a bit with the pacing.

The only redeeming factor of episode four was the latter half of the episode when Miyamura took care of Hori when she came down with a fever. It showed how caring and selfless Miyamura is, always putting his friends first. We also saw how fragile and vulnerable Hori was (breaking down in tears when she saw Miyamura leaving her side). She didn’t want to experience that same loneliness she experienced when she was younger under similar circumstances. Having Miyamura there to comfort and care for her was something I think she deeply needed, and it was something Miyamura recognized as something she wanted.

Although that being said, I didn’t like how we fell into that cliché where the male protagonist tells the ‘sleeping’ female protagonist his feelings for her, saying the words “I’m in love with you.” When in reality, they weren’t sleeping and were pretending all this time.

Episode Five Thoughts

Not going to lie to you; episode five a little all over the place with the emotions all our characters felt. One thing is for sure; we know that Miyamura and Hori like each other. Did they openly say that they were dating in front of Hori’s father just to shut him up? Probably. It’s honestly strange because Miyamura is the only one who has openly confessed his feelings towards Hori. While we still have yet to see Hori utter the same words. I’m not sure if she accepts their relationship. It’s tough to tell at this point.

From what’s implied with Miyamura and Ishikawa speaking over the phone. It was almost certain that Miyamura had told Tooru that they (Miyamura and Hori) are now in a relationship and wanted to be upfront with his friend. Again it shows how conscious Miyamura is of the situation, always putting his friends first, in this case, making sure he had told Tooru straight up instead of having to keep it a secret from him.

Another thing about episode five that cannot be glossed over is Sakura Kouno. Who I thought was again one of those characters that anyone can relate to. It seemed to be that she had insecurities about herself, thinking to herself that she wasn’t pretty, cute or skinny. She thinks this about herself because she has feelings for Tooru, who has a crush on Hori (as we all know). So Sakura does something we all sometimes do, we compare ourselves to them. Of course, this is not healthy by any stretch of the imagination, especially when the comparison causes you to be hard and think negatively about yourself.

Fortunately, having someone to lean on, who appreciates you for you, and will always look past what you deem as ‘flaws’ is essential. Which is who Remi is for her.

Overall, episode five was all over the place emotionally, with all our characters experiencing a wide range of emotions and moods throughout the episode. Not to mention, I wasn’t really what the general theme of the episode was at certain times while I watched. It was alright, it wasn’t my kind of episode, but I don’t mind the off episode here and there.



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