Horimiya | Episode 6 and 7 Review

episode six thoughts

What I find extremely entertaining is how poorly Kyouko, her mother and brother treat Kyousuke. It’s like they do not really care about him, as if he’s like a freeloader just hanging out at their house because he can. When that’s exactly what Izumi does on the regular basis. What’s even funnier to me is how the three of them (Kyouko, Yuriko (the mother), and Souta) prioritize and value Izumi more than Kyousuke, it was a nice little comedic segment that made me smile and laugh.

Izumi though, is a straight baller. Dude cuts his hair and everyone freaks out, and he’s totally fine with it. It shows how strong or I guess, how easily Izumi is able to cope with being talked about negatively. I guess for him to better cope with all the negativity, he’d rather change something about himself physically. Not too sure why, or if that’s actually one of the reasons. But I’ve been led to believe that because when he was bullied in middle school, he got himself piercings, I also assume the tattoos also came out of that as well. More recently, in episode six when they talked negatively about him for dating Kyouko, he ditched his long hair and glasses for short hair. Going back to Izumi being a straight baller, this dude steals a kiss from Kyouko while also stealing the candy she didn’t like from inside her mouth. Like. What. In reality that whole candy thing is really gross and I don’t think anyone would attempt that, however in anime that was the coolest thing I saw because of how natural and slick he made it.

I loved this episode because it contained a lot of comedy. Kyousuke provides the best comedic relief it’s actually crazy. His whole dynamic is awesome. Episode six also showed Izumi’s clingy side which was only brought out due to Honoka Sawada‘s complex for Kyouko. However, in return it also showed how much Izumi cares for others. Although he doesn’t know Honoka that well, he doesn’t hesitate to help her out and even extends an invitation to her to spend time at his place for cake. I love that about him.


The first half of the episode was rather interesting. It seems like the subplots is going to be as equally interesting as the main story. Whatever is happening between Tooru, Sakura and Yuki is making me want to see more from their story too. As it looks like Sakura and Yuki like Tooru, it’ll be interesting to see what happened next, more importantly, I would love to know Tooru’s thoughts on it all too. If he knows what’s really going on that is. Episode seven did an excellent job at filling the space of the episode with a side-story that, like the main story, is extremely interesting.

Not to mention, HELLO. We’re running 1000km/h now. As a sucker for romance, I absolutely love how intimate Izumi and Kyouko’s relationship has gotten. It makes me feel all fuzzy on the inside. Another thing that I love about our couple is how real a lot of their experiences are, many people, I think, can relate to them. Not being able to contact your partner, for whatever reason, always wanting to be by them, reconnecting after being away from each other, those insecurities of whether or not you’re a ‘suitable’ partner, and of course, the first time (which is heavily implied). All these things are stuff we’ve experienced to some degree at some point in our lives and that connection is what makes this anime and this episode in particular great.

Not only are you able to relate to the feelings felt by Kyouko and Izumi, but you’re also able to connect with and maybe relate to whatever is happening between Tooru, Sakura and Yuki. Overall, episode seven was definitely one of the best episodes of the anime and is certainly one of my favourites.



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