Ansatsu Kizoku | Not entirely sure what I’m watching.

I’ll be honest, Ansatsu Kizoku up until this point has been very confusing. I don’t even know if any of this has anything to do with eventually having to assassinate the hero.

Like we had whatever happened in episode six, none of which I want to really talk about because of how scummy the episode felt and was. You know that feeling. When you watch something that is so morally wrong in an anime that it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable or makes you want to skip through the episode. Simply because it makes you feel gross. That is what I ultimately ended up doing for episode six because I personally couldn’t stand watching something so immoral and sickening. I don’t know how that relates to the wider story as a whole, I really don’t.

Episode seven only added to the confusion because the episode wasn’t about Lugh getting stronger and more skilled to assassinate the hero. The episode was more about selling moisturizer in a world where such a thing hasn’t been invented yet. I struggle to understand how selling such an item has any effect towards the greater goal of again, assassinating the hero. Furthermore, we haven’t heard or learnt anything about this hero yet.

I mean, you cannot say “Your job is to assassinate the hero” when Lugh hasn’t yet come across this person yet, nor have we heard any stories pertaining to this hero. I mean, During episode seven, Lugh mentions how he only has five years left to kill the hero but we don’t know anything about him. We don’t even see Lugh making any real effort to improve himself for the eventual confrontation.

That’s why the title of today’s blog is “Not entirely sure what I’m watching” because I’m honestly not sure of what I’m watching. If anything I’m watching a harem develop, which doesn’t surprise me as I expected this sort of thing to happen eventually. I was just hoping for something a little different, maybe that was just me being a little too ambitious.

Hopefully something interesting happens during the final few episodes here or I’ll be a little disappointed.