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Woo! Baka to Test, is an Anime that a lot of people enjoy, mainly due to the comedic aspect of it all. I too enjoyed it because of how funny I thought it was. It also played into one of the reasons as to why this Anime got a second season (well I think anyway). Anywho, let’s get onto the review!

Story 7/10
Baka is a school story with a twist which is the summoned beasts, well they are not beast more like a mini-me of the summoner. The show is so hilarious though, that I can not stop laughing every time I watch an episode. The awkward moments between characters make it all the better. Every once in a while there will be a scene that will confuse you, but all you have to do is rewind and watch again and you should get it. The fights can get hilarious.

See you have class A-F (F being most of the main characters), they have tests to determine which class they are in but also tests to rack up life points for their summoning character to fight with. There are various shounen-ai and shoujo-ai references but they are so minimal to the point where it does not even need to be on the list of genres.

Art 7/10
Right. There isn’t much you can say about the art. The art is average, nothing wrong with it, but nothing special if you get what I am talking about. I do like how sometimes it goes into a black and white, adds to the dramatic effect of the scene.

Sound 7/10
Well, the opening is good, the ending is good. The sound effects are good. Overall I love the sound of this anime. The opening is my favorite of course.

Character 8/10
Oh gosh, what can you not say about this funny bunch of idiots. You know when you get a group of funny characters and stick them into a room together there is always going to be trouble. From romance troubles, to fight backfires, just about anything you can think of these, a bunch have or will get into. You have a genius that has health issues and confidence issues whose cooking kills (not in a good way), you have a complete idiot that has to do work for the teachers, a guy with a perverted fetish, a guy who everyone thinks is a girl because he acts and looks like it, a girl who is obsessed with breast sizes (mainly ones bigger than her) and really likes the complete idiot.

Then you have the gang who wears the weird outfits, and then the leader of them all who is sort of a mystery character, has the tendency to get things wrong on purpose, not to mention, he is afraid of his girlfriend. Roll them all together and you have a recipe for disaster every time, but it never stops to entertain you.

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  1. I still haven’t got around to this one even though it has been on my watch list forever. I ‘m not a huge fan of high school comedy so every time this comes up as a possible watch I usually end up finding something else to try instead.

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