Fate/Zero 2nd Season | Embodiment of Perfection

Today we cover the Anime that I think is pretty damn close to perfect, Fate/Zero 2nd Season. Like damn, if you haven’t watched one single episode of the Fate/Zero/Stay series whatever you’d like to call it, then you sure are missing out!

The Grail War has been done before, but never like this. The same rules apply. Seven masters, seven servants, all fighting in a fierce battle royal in order to determine the rightful owner of the Holy Grail. However in contrast to Fate/Stay Nights cast of children struggling to accept the responsibility so prematurely forced upon them we have a plethora of adult men ready to sacrifice anything to achieve their goals. By Juxtaposing the series and its prequel it becomes evident that Fate/Zero is a darker story focusing on the ideals of each character along with the suffering these ideals bring forth. The plot is essentially a catalyst that lets the characters tragically develop as they spiral closer and closer into despair.

But through its greatness Fate/Zero suffers from its link to Fate/Stay Night. As a prequel, its freedom was constrained by the eventual conclusion that loomed just beyond the horizon. But even as a predecessor limited to one conclusion Fate/Zero succeeded in producing a story that left you on the edge of your seat.

In addition to Fate/Zero Ufotable is also the studio responsible for the Kara no Kyoukai series; a powerhouse in the visual arts department. No corners were cut in producing Fate/Zero, either. Ferocious battles, twisted emotions, and familiar yet exotic settings are illustrated beautifully with the use of hair-raising choreography, movie quality animation and god tier CG. Now, CG is a turn off for most viewers, I usually included.

However, the CG in this series is so stunningly well done that I can’t imagine it would be animated half as well any other way. In addition to CG, Ufotable has once again incorporated a beautiful contrast between neon colours as seen in Kara no Kyoukai. The warm orange glow of a street lamp beating down on the lifeless world bathed in the hue of moonlight really gives the show a sharp look that is pleasing on the eyes. Fate/Zero also houses THE most amazing fight in anime I’ve seen to date, I won’t spoil which fight it is, but those who have already seen the anime will know.

A beautifully orchestrated soundtrack is the icing on the cake. The music accompanying the series is a kaleidoscope of melodies invoking emotional responses when needed; happiness, despair, tragedy, splendour, evil, conflict, etc. The opening and ending songs both intertwine with the story effectively as well. The opening has an emotional feel to it as compared with the upbeat action sequence present in season one.

These are what makes this show shine so brilliantly. There are no exceptions; every single character is quirky unique, each one sheltering an array of conflicting emotions and impossible ideals. Labelling any character as an antagonist, protagonist, side character, or otherwise would be insulting as almost every person is artistically created with personalities astonishingly fleshed out and consistent. Gilgamesh, for example, was once the ruler of pretty much everything on earth.

By standing above everyone else figuratively and literally for his entire life, he has fostered an incredible superiority complex. Infinite weapons fill his treasury, and he only expends for on an enemy that is about to destroy the entire city before retreating saying that he “Does not wish for the weapons to be returned because they touched that filthy creature”. That is beautiful characterization right there.

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