Love is War 2nd Season | First Impressions

I’ve been meaning to do a first impressions on the second season of Love is War for awhile now, but it has always fell by the wayside as a watch episode in rapid succession, along with all the other anime I’ve been watching too. All of which I have to do the same thing (eventually). Initially, I thought about I would do this blog 3 episodes in, but when you’re heavily enjoying and invested in an anime you’re really having fun watching it gets pushed back a little bit.

Being now 6 episodes in, I feel as though I have enough to give my first impressions of the second season. What for certain is a massive improvement when compared to the first season are;

  • There is more of a comedic aspect to it.

We see a lot more comedy during this season, there are a lot more jokes in general, both inappropriate and “normal” jokes. We see a lot more exaggeration from the characters that only add to the comedic effect of the anime and the real time narration of the anime by our beloved narrator.

  • Although it’s a comedy, there is character progression.

As we all know and as I’ve said multiple times, anime that are classed as a comedy, don’t generally do anything in regards to character development. However, this anime does have that. Which I think makes this anime very unique and stands out from other comedies. Love is War presents us with a very unique situation, Shirogane and Kaguya both like each other, but since they’re both extremely prideful individuals they do not want to be the first to confess their feelings because they see that as being the weaker person.

So it’s a continuation of the first season in that regard, you see the makings of a potential “relationship” if you view it as such slowly progressing into something more. In the second season in particular, you it’s obvious, well to me anyway, that the two are thinking about each other more often now and are doing whatever possible to make each other confess their feelings first. Just like how their “relationship” has progressed the tactics they use in order to force the other to confess their feelings first becomes more extreme and creative.

  • Soundtrack is top-notch

What is there to say about the soundtrack? It’s absolutely amazing. When I speak soundtrack I speak all the things, like ambient sound etc. The music played during the dramatic, sad, funny, and exaggerated scenes of the Love is War adds to the atmosphere to the anime. It makes it bigger than it actually is, it also makes each scene more extravagant as well. Coupled by how the voice actors portray emotions during those scenes, it all just works perfectly. Not to mention the absolute bop which is “DADDY! DADDY! DO! feat. Airi Suzuki (DADDY! DADDY! DO! feat. 鈴木愛理)” by Masayuki Suzuki” Probably the best OP of 2020. Just facts.

Overall this anime without a doubt is worth watching and has definitely made a very good first impression on me. So much so, that I know that this anime will find a place on my “Favourite Anime” list, and for certain is a contender for one of the best anime to air during 2020. I’m going to be a very sad person when this Anime eventually comes to an end.