Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha | Episode 10 and 11

Episode 10

Episode 10, long story, short was a disappointment in my opinion. While yes, it showed us the immense power Anos has at his finger tips only to have his fellow students look him off for being a white jacket, instead a red one. Which when compared to students of the Hero Academy, they’re very quick to determine that Anos is the reincarnation of the Demon King. Well, the supposed ‘reincarnations’ of Konan have said so anyway.

There were a few episodes that this anime had that didn’t really have anything in it, this episode felt like that to me. I mean we saw Anos literally evaporate a giant lake with a big ball of fire he pulled from the sky, but that was probably the only real ‘cool’ moment of the whole episode. There was also some friendship building with Lay and Misa when they were at a fair together but other than those two moments, nothing really happened. Episode 10 was probably the worst setup episode, that being said, let’s talk about episode 11!

Episode 11

Now this is an episode! I’m always a fan of fight scenes, especially ones that are well animated, which is what episode 11 had a ton of. I really liked how detailed each magical sequence was, seeing that level of detail was really cool.

My favourite part of the episode however, was when Zeshia and Ledriano summoned the souls of 10 million humans all of which lived in Gairadite in order to defeat Anos. Whoever, Anos being the literal god that he is blocked all their attacks on him and counted with his own special summoning, to counter the souls of 10 million people, Anos summoned the souls of his… HAREM, to which he refers to them as “Fan Union” which I thought was funny. Anos being the boss that he is, demands them to sing and pronounce their love for him, which they so happily do, which again I thought was super funny. With the souls of eight v. 10 million, who would win? 10 million souls who want to see the demons crushed once and for all, verse eight who simply love the TRUE Demon King of Tyranny. Well shocker, it’s the one wielding the love of eight who wins.

While this may not look as something significant, it does hold a deeper meaning. Well I think it does anyway. Unity and love conquers all. One thing I’ve come to realize for a person known as the “Demon King of Tyranny” in his past life, someone who is known to be evil or should be anyway, Anos sure is one of the nicest people in the anime. With all his previous acts, doing things for others, saving others, and healing others. This for sure it the total the opposite of someone who is the “Demon King of Tyranny”. Obviously there have been many times when he’s purposely killed someone to teach them a lesson, but apart from that he’s once nice dude.

This episode showed Anos’ desire to protect those who he holds dear, like when Anos saves Misha from the brink of death. He also showed that if you do something that pisses him off and puts those he holds dear in harms way, he has no problem killing you and that’s what I love about Anos.