Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen | Episode 2

The villains of season two are very interesting. Not only are they completely covered, from head to toe, but they also were full masks covering their faces and communicate in what can only be described as ‘robotic’ voices. The opening few minutes gave us a little hint to their motives, which was to make more people ‘like them’, but what does that mean? No clue whatsoever, so I guess we’re going to be discovering that.

Episode 2 immediately jumps into those criminals, apparently it’s already the talk of the town. With Tatsuya and his friends already coming up with their own theories as to why these so-called ‘vampires’ are taking 10% of their victim’s blood. A lot was revealed to us this episode, we find that the ‘vampire’ is a “Satellite-Class magician” whose previous name was “Deimos Second”.

Why’d this “Satellite-Class magician” become this so-called ‘vampire’ who knows? What are his motives, and why are he only targeting individuals who are magicians or have magic potential. But whatever the case maybe, these ‘vampires’ look to be extremely strong. They also seem to have sort of like this poison touch that causes people to lose strength almost immediately. This is what happened to Leo when he was ambushed by one of the ‘vampires’.

when Leo was in the hospital recovering, he recalled the events that happened during the ambush, and as he was recalled these events, I noticed that as his voice actor spoke, the mouth of the character (Leo) didn’t move. If you want to see it for yourself, 11:20 is the time stamp in the episode.

There was another thing that I noticed straight away. Since Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is one of my favourite anime, I tend to pay close attention to the finer details of the anime, and I think I have a good eye when it comes to picking up irregularities and inconstancies in overall character design when comparing the second season to the first season. All that being said, the one thing I noticed is that our characters look to be designed differently this episode. Comparing the first episode to the second episode, I think the character design of both Tatsuya and Miyuki of episode 2, is way different to their design in episode 1. Episode 1 character design felt closer to the first season, while episode 2 didn’t feel close at all.

As you can see, same episode, just mere minutes away from each other. Two different designs for Tatsuya.

Another gripe I have with this episode, which will probably extend to the anime as a whole is the overall pacing. What disappoints me most is that the second season will only have 13 episodes, while the first season had 26. Obviously, world circumstances probably has played a role in their decision to produce only 13 episodes, but without a doubt it’ll throw off the pacing and leave out critical information that should have been put in.

Episode 1, we’re presented with a new character in Lina, we’re also presented with the ‘vampire’ at the end of the anime. Episode 2, 5-ish minutes into the episode we’re already trying to solve the mystery as to who this ‘vampire’ is and their motives. We’re also already presented with information about the criminals and are alluded to their potential origins and where their power was obtained by, and how. We’re going to be missing key building blocks told in the light novel, it honestly feels like that right now and I am not a fan of that. Something season one exceptionally well at was provided a little bit more information explaining events and character decisions. Something I think season two is already lacking (in my opinion).

Overall not a good episode for me.



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