Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen | Episode 4

One thing I dislike, is that Tatsuya already figured out who Angie Sirius was by the fourth episode. I understand that eventually he would have to know, why put him fighting with Miyuki against her in the OP if they weren’t going to figure out who the person was. I’m saddened that there wasn’t really a build up to the reveal, no connecting of the dots, no eureka moment; no none of that. Simply just Tatsuya showing off his immense magical capabilities to reveal the person behind the mask.

We also got to bear witness to probably the best fight scene thus far. Obviously, we’re only 4 episodes in and I am sure that there will be multiple, even better fight scenes, but this one was pretty sick. Seeing both Lina and Miyuki go full-on attack towards each other in a duel was definitely fun to watch. But then Tatsuya, being the complete powerhouse like he is, annulled their duel with the click of his CAD. As hinted by the first episode, it’s suggested that Lina, Tatsuya, and Miyuki are all considered “strategic-class magicians”, best of the best given their magical capabilities. This is significant because, if you have two “strategic-class magicians” (Lina and Miyuki), going full-on against each other in a duel, only to have another “strategic-class magician” (Tatsuya) annul both of your attacks like it’s nothing. It really puts into perspective how powerful Tatsuya is operating at 25% of his full magical capabilities. It makes you wonder, what he’d look like operating at, how powerful he’ll truly be once he’s at 100%.

Apart from that quick fight scene between Lina and Miyuki, and Lina and Tatsuya, something I do not mention because it’s the quickest fight scene ever, in my opinion. We find out more about these so-called ‘Vampires’. We’re led to believe that this ‘parasite’ is causing them to lose full control of their own body and mind, manipulating and forcingly changing them to be something they’re not. Conceptually, it’s very interesting that it for sure.

However, there is another thing I dislike about this episode; it’s too text heavy. When you have to crunch everything considered ‘important’ into 13, twenty-four minute episodes. You’ll always have those episodes where it’s just continuous conversation as the characters telling the story, try cover all the details. This, of course, is to justify/give context to what will be happening to in the future episodes. I don’t like that. You’re sat there for the majority of the episode reading the subtitles as we have our characters, both supporting and main, try to pump out as much information in order to provide context for future episodes.

That is a snooze fest for me. Overall, this episode wasn’t that great. Apart from the smaller fight scenes, this episode just wasn’t it.



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