Adachi to Shimamura | Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 Review

Yes, I am back to watching Adachi to Shimamura. It was hard for me to keep up with three shows at once, watching and writing while also working. It’s still hard now as I’ve only finished one of three, but hey, gotta start somewhere!

Episode two can be summed up by the word ‘insecurity’ or ‘insecurities’. This episode is split into two parts, one focused on Shimamura and the other focusing on Adachi. What I enjoyed about this episode in particular was how comfortable they were with each other and more importantly, how much they depended on each other. Something they both do not fully understand why that is. However, one thing is for certain, they both have some sort of admiration for each other. Over the episode, the monologues from both our protagonists over their respective parts of the episode was also extremely fascinating too. We got to hear what Shimamura or Adachi were thinking whenever they were with each other. It added this level of depth which I thought added to the whole storytelling.

The storytelling of two girls trying to figure themselves out emotionally. While they are two different characters, episode two made me believe that Shimamura and Adachi are more alike in what they think, how they think and have similar thoughts on friendship and their insecurities. They both feel like outcasts in today’s society, finding it hard to properly fit in. Sometimes finding your place or a group of ‘real’ friends is hard but once you find that friend, then finding your place in a society that doesn’t fit you become a *little* easier with a friend who understands what you’re growing through and experiencing because you see a little piece of you in them. Which is what I think Shimamura sees in Adachi and vice versa.

This could just be me reading too much into a situation, or trying to extract a deeper meaning to satisfy myself. But hey, that’s the fun of watching anime is that you get to make your own assumptions and meanings from different episodes. The interpretation of an episode of any anime is not one dimensional, there are many ways to view one episode and this is just me interpretation of episode two and its meaning.