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Woo! This is the last post for today! Mission complete, thank you for your pleasant reads. Today’s last review will be on Tari Tari, an Anime that in my opinion, is pretty underrated – I’ll tell you why.

Story 8/10
The main story of Tari Tari is a simple one: it is about the members of a choir club working all together in hope for the final competition. It is nothing out of the norm, but from the daily lives of the members, we have the sub-plots of the members of the choir club. The anime isn’t structured arc-to-arc and everything happens simultaneously so one character could be developed in the first half of the episode and another character could be developed in the second half. But the show somehow manages to hold itself cohesively together and make us understand what is happening. This gives a more real-life feel to the anime and it makes the characters more realistic.

The stories themselves are well written. Although some are cliché because the show created a realistic environment through its structures, it would make you think that these cliché scenes are actually achievable. 

Art 8/10
One would expect a great visual experience when it comes to P.A. (the same animator for Angel Beats). And Tari Tari is no difference. The visual is well-done, everything seems so colourful and it really made me feel like I was there watching everything unfold.


Sound 7/10
As a show about a choir club that specializes in singing, the sound in Tari Tari isn’t the most memorable, you would expect some great ear-catching vocals from the characters but they barely do any singing. Not to say the sound is bad because it is definitely not. But it could do with a lot more improvement.


Character 9/10
The character development is wonderful, it secretly develops the character through their everyday lives without you noticing. But after you noticed the character development, it is already too late, you already feel whole-heartedly about them. This is going back the structure of the plot. Everything happens simultaneously, you are not given a fixed camera on one person, instead, you get to see a bit of everyone. You don’t get to see all the details with the character developing this way but you were given to see what the animator want you to see, and you feel how the animator want you to feel, with no additions from any unnecessary plots.

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