Tonikaku Kawaii | Episode 6 and 7

Episode 6

Having just finished one comedy in Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!, I thought that it would only be fair if I carried on my little marathon I have going on right now. Stepping away from certain anime is always nice. I am sure I’ve mentioned this before too, but it’s always nice to clear the mind especially if you want to prevent burnout. So jumping into episode six of Tonikaku Kawaii, after many days and possibly weeks away, I do not remember much and I think that is a good thing — reset expectations!

One thing that was a little jarring for me, especially since I had just finished Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! as of writing this blog roughly 5 hours ago, was the drastic change in art style. I’m going from what I consider to be ‘typical character design’ where everything for the most part I guess you can say is a lot more defined, to something that is more colourful, loose, and I guess cartoonish? It’s extremely hard to explain, but I think it’s safe to say Tonikaku Kawaiis art style isn’t something you’d typically see in the world of anime.

The joys of this anime for me is that we get to experience a lot of ‘new’ and ‘first time’ events with this couple and seeing them develop at a rapid pace is something I enjoyed this episode. Although nothing really happened, we’re moving on swimmingly with the continuation of ‘newly-wed’ experiences. While it’s nice to live in a smaller home to begin with, ultimately, there will come a time when you as a couple will need a bigger home. But while we push this off to the side, let us also not forget that neither Tsukasa nor Nasa have told their parents that they have gotten married. So obviously, the next course of action for this couple is to meet them (their respective parents) in person. Episode six is more or less the bridge/filler episode to each that goal.

Apart from those two interactions, seeking a new place to live and the journey to Nasa’s home province to visit his parents so that Tsukasa can meet them in person. Nothing else really happened. Which is okay because the episode as a whole felt rather smooth and has a nice flow to it and to me that makes everything enjoyable, even if the episode itself was uneventful.

Episode 7

Out of all the episodes I’ve seen thus far. I think episode seven is by far my favourite. I’m sure we all know who Chitose is by now and how she is a serious opponent to Nasa and Tsukasa’s marriage and would stop at all costs to have the two divorced. This episode did a really good job at tying a lot of loose ends. For the longest time, we didn’t know, rather, we vaguely knew why they decided to marry each other; other than they considered the other person ‘cute’. Now if you’ve also been following the anime as it’s aired then you know, as each episode played out, they learned more and more about each other and have grown to better understand, communicate and have grown to admire each other more.

I think episode seven is the greatest testimony to that and to the overall character development that has happened over the course of the seven episodes. As Tsukasa talked with Chitose‘s maids and was questioned about Nasa, she was able to give a proper answer; albeit it was only one example, given Tsukasa’s facial expression afterwards you can tell that she adored Nasa’s positive outlook on life.

Similarly with Nasa, he wanted to prove to Chitose why he deserved to be Tsukasa’s husband. So what did he do? He took Chitose on the date he was going to take Tsukasa on before Chitose and company decided to stick their nose into their relationship. This played well into Nasa’s favour because since he’s a thinker, he had everything planned out, from the food they’d eat, to the sites they would like to see, and finally to the attractions the played heavily to what Tsukasa wanted to see. He essentially showed Chitose that he was obsessed with Tsukasa.

At the end of the episode when Nasa says “… I intend to spend my entire life that our love is real” and “You don’t get married because you’ve already proven your love, you get married to prove it”. I finally clicked for Chitose, that even though I am sure she’ll still oppose their marriage and will do everything in her power to have the two divorced; that in Chitose’s heart of hearts, she trusts that Nasa will make Tsukasa, someone who she holds dear to her, happy.

Hopefully that’ll be enough to hold Chitose back from future intrusions in the later episodes because I personally didn’t really like her as a character. So the less I see of Chitose the better, well for me anyway.

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  1. One of the really charming aspects of the show is the contrast between what everyone else imagines is going on and the very shy and slowly progressing relationship that is actually going on. They’ve been married for a while now and things like holding hands and kissing “sleeping on the same level” are the boundaries of what they’ve explored so far.

    That level of shyness between two people who are obviously very much in love is completely different and quite refreshing. Quite a contrast to the notion of falling in love and going through all the steps before getting married to finalize things.

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